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Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House's can be found in dozens of different water and ice vending locations. Look for them everywhere!

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Purified Ice and Water Machine
Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House's patented and innovative process is a revolutionary approach to delivering purified water and ice in a coin operated vending machine. This free-standing kiosk can deliver both purified ice and purified water to the consumer.
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Ice and Water Vending Machine
Read about the revolutionary Patented Purification Process that enables Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House to make purified crystal clear water and ice. Mr. Zippy's is a 8-Step Filtration Process that includes: Water Softener (ion exchange), Charcoal Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Pre Filtration, Ozone, Ultraviolet Light, and Post Filtration.
No other purified water and ice vending machine has this technology.

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New - Mr. Zippy's Express Ice and Water House! Now expanding to Las Vegas, Nevada and Ocala and Gainesville, Florida!
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Mr. Zippy's is Manufactured in Houston, Texas by the Jim Coleman Company
and is NAMA Certified. Click here to learn more